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Guerrilla Prince Consulting is a disruptor to the normative high school experience available to low-income and marginalized students. Our proven Consultraining service encourage, enrich and enable school choice.

Consultraining™ is our sports performance training combined with our athletic and educational consulting services. We help families discover or develop better educational situations for their scholar-athletes through athletics and boarding school opportunities.


Meet The Guerrilla Prince Consulting Team

Derrick ‘Pie’ Bell

Coach Derrick (Pie) Bell – Founder, CEO, and head trainer at our partner company, Guerrilla Prince Fitness & Athletics.
He holds certifications in multiple fitness categories, such as strength & conditioning, sports performance training, and boxing. With over 15 years of experience in personal training, Derrick’s focus is to help all fitness-level enthusiasts reach their goals.

Kimberley Downer

A graduate from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences and a licensed massage therapist since 1996, Kimberley worked in sports gyms, spas, sporting events, and private clients. She continually strives to expand her knowledge and skills through continuing education courses.

Kimberley Downer

A graduate from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences and a licensed massage therapist since 1996, Kimberley worked in sports gyms, spas, sporting events, and private clients. She continually strives to expand her knowledge and skills through continuing education courses.


History of In the Midst, Inc.


History of In the Midst, Inc.

In the Midst, Inc. is our not-for-profit that will enrich communities, educate our participants, and change life trajectories of those who walk through our doors. Comprising In the Midst, Inc. are our three businesses dedicated to education and athleticism. These businesses – Guerrilla Prince Consulting, Guerrilla Prince Fitness & Athletics and Know One Touch – focus on developing the mind, body, and wellness of individuals.

Our mission is to provide excellent educational consultation, exceptional athletic development training, and therapeutic recovery massage with the goal of placement in independent schools and college. We will make available scholarships, tutoring, interview prep, and other necessities our candidates may need during the application process. In the Midst, Inc. will make the notion of applying to and attending boarding school a possible one for members of underserved communities.


Why academics + athletics = success

Athletics teach our children valuable life lessons. Participants learn the importance of preparation, hard work, discipline, time management, and teamwork. Participation in sports prepares students to compete and how to deal with pressure. Studies have shown that it also leads to improved confidence and responsibility. These transferable skills prepare the athlete for life after school.
For this reason, boarding schools treat sports not as an add-on, but as an integral part of their program. Many varsity teams compete regionally and even nationally. These schools also typically have outstanding sports facilities.

Schools provide comprehensive information on their academic programs. However, families often do not have the opportunity to get to know the athletic programs and the coaches of the schools to determine which situation would be a good fit. Guerrilla Prince Consulting helps with the decisions concerning how to find the appropriate high school situation or being realistic about where your athlete can go to college.

An added benefit of Guerrilla Prince Consulting is the access to the many local and neighboring states’ independent schools. We are committed to doing our best to work with the athlete and family to find the best match academically, financially, and sports-wise. An athlete’s goal should include getting smarter as well as getting stronger. Smarter, talented athletes are in high demand and
find themselves in better positions for recognition, scholarships, and acceptances in higher-performing institutions. You can have all the talent, but without solid academics, you will find yourself in a position with fewer options. Colleges are looking for student athletes-remember that!

Who we are looking for

Who we are looking for

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes and possess various abilities. Their educational background can be just as diverse. For that reason, we treat each applicant individually.

We are not looking for the ‘best’ candidate. We are looking for students who possess the following

Our services

Our services

No one can guarantee admission to any school. Our selective and personal focus often results in the acceptance of our candidates into their top school choices.

We work closely with coaches and admission officers to guide families through the process. We are with families through all phases of the application process.

The Guerrilla Prince Summer Training Experience

The Guerrilla Prince Summer Training Experience

To go from adequate to elite takes athletic development coaching. This coaching focuses on structure, long-term commitment, and training for performance. Preparation is the key to success. The Experience maximizes preparation.

Our mandatory twelve-week preseason workout includes improving and increasing our athletes’ strength, speed, stabilization, agility, power, and explosiveness. Our certified, licensed massage therapist oversees their recovery.

We push our athletes to excel on the playing field. But coaching doesn’t end there. Guided by our tremendously experienced and energetic staff of licensed and certified coaches and therapists, our athletes develop the skills it takes to become leaders. We focus on preparing our athletes to compete on the field and in the classroom.



Thank you to the following clients who have provided their testimonies

Derrick “Pie” Bell was recommended to us by a close family friend. We found him at the right time. We had a growing son who was athletic, smart and looking for a new high school where he could compete at a high level. Derrick immediately took on Qadeer as a project and changed his whole approach to training, nutrition, competition and he literally grew up before our eyes. We always knew he had the potential and natural ability but Derrick took him to the next level.

It was a noticeable jump for him and next thing we knew our son was training with fellow young elite athletes and holding his own. His physique changed. His stamina improved. He got faster and stronger. He went from doing just enough to finish drills to asking for more every chance he got.

Derrick also worked with us to secure a good boarding school where he would have the opportunity to play and improve. Qadeer landed at St. Thomas More, excelled inside and outside the classroom and eventually made it to UAlbany, where he plays Wide Receiver today. Derrick’s program works. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Thank you Pie Bell!

Ali Morgan,, father of Qadeer Morgan, Div I athlete and scholar Pay it forward.

Bio: All-League and All-Metro performer at Fordham Prep (N.Y.) …Helped team to a city title…Two-time All-League and All-Metro honoree…Two-year team captain…Earned the service award for completing more than 100 volunteer hours…Completed post-graduate work at St. Thomas More (Conn.) and was an All-League and All-Conference pick. Major: Accounting.

Training with GP was one of the best decisions I ever I made. The amount of knowledge and focus that I received from my trainer was beyond helpful. He is so hands on and I leave with no questions unanswered.

As a result of me training with GP, I am in the best shape of my life and managing it while being away at school.
My strength and speed was where it needed to be to excel at the collegiate level, thanks to the help of my trainer at GP.

Jarred Moorer,

Cyndra Couch grew up in upper Harlem, New York. She attended The Hun School, a prep school in Princeton, New Jersey on a ninety percent basketball scholarship.
After graduating high school, she received a full division 1 basketball scholarship to attend St. Bonaventure University in Western New York. She later transferred to The University of Albany her sophomore year to continue her schooling and athletics. While at Albany she helped assist the Great Danes to the NCAA tournament where they fell to the then defending Champs, Texas A&M, in the first round.

Cyndra graduated from Albany in 2013 with a Bachelors of Arts majoring in Communication and a minor in Business. During her last semester of her senior year she received two job offers, one from NYU-Poly as a Sports Information Director and the other from The New York Knicks working in their Field Marketing Department.
Cyndra still works with the Knicks but she is also currently working for Van Wagner, a Sports and Entertainment Marketing Agency located in NYC

Cyndra Couch

My name is Jetaun Crocker and my family has known Derrick Bell for about 4 years. We met Derrick when he was providing speed and agility training as a consultant for the Jamaica Bulldog Youth Football team in Queens, NY.

My 11 year old son bonded with him throughout the training series and learned a wealth of personal fitness knowledge. Impressed with the results my son attained in a short period of time, we engaged Derrick as a personal trainer. The services provided with this training were above and beyond expectations. He was interested in my son’s total being and once he learned of his aspirations to play professional football, he began a different level of motivating and mentoring. Derrick educated us on the various education options out there for young, intelligent athletes and we were intrigued. He told us about various boarding and preparatory schools and the future opportunities they provide.

My husband and I were overwhelmed with all the options and needed guidance. There were about 20 schools initially presented and they all offered top grade education with excellent graduation rates into Universities that offered both full and partial scholarships. We hired Derrick as our educational consultant and he completely managed all aspects of the high school search, preparation, application and interview processes. He kept us abreast of middle school specialized exam preparations and deadlines, scheduled primary meetings with the schools and really held our hands throughout the process. The service he provided was truly priceless as we didn’t have the bandwidth to manage on our own between work and 4 children. As a result of Derrick’s efforts, my son was accepted into Trinity
Pawling Preparatory and Boarding School. Currently, he is a sophomore and is performing at the highest level. Derrick still keeps in touch with my son during the school year and provides personal training in the summer months. My family is very pleased with him, and we highly recommend him to anyone interested in following a similar path.

Jetaun Crocker, MBA


  • Avon, CT
  • Brunswick School, CT

  • Canterbury School, CT

  • Fessenden School, MA

  • Indian Mountain School, CT

  • Kents Hill School, ME

  • St. Thomas Moore School, CT

  • Taft School, CT

  • Tilton School, NH

  • Trinity-Pawling School, NY

  • Choate Rosemary Hall, CT


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  • University of Albany, NY

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  • University of New Hampshire, NH

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